It is rare to find a lake association or lake authority that is lacking a data set spanning many years.  One significant issue is that the associations or authorities have never truly leveraged those data that they have collected over the years.  It is common to have many years of water quality, algae, plant community, and geospatial data, which can be used in lake management planning.  Aquatic Ecosystem Research's principal limnologist has significant expertise in univariate/multivariate statistics including a proven history of publication in peer-reviewed journals.  With these skill sets at our disposal, we can use historical data to model  trends in your lake system and develop long-term holistic lake management plans.  Our specific data analysis services are listed below.

Data Analysis Services

  • Water Quality Analysis/Modelling
  • Plant Community Analysis/Modelling
  • Algal Community Modelling
  • Invasive Species Risk Assessment
  • Toxic Algal Bloom Risk Assessment
  • Geo-spatial and Watershed Analytics
  • Shoreline Analyses
  • Nutrient Source Analyses
  • Data Gap Analysis
  • Monitoring Design and QAPP Development


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