Aquatic Ecosystem Research provides a variety of services that can be conducted in concert to obtain a holistic view of your lake and provide guided management from the ecosystem-level perspective.  This approach to lake management is the most successful type of initiative because it incorporates multiple ecological levels, which can all be subtly manipulated to reach your conservation goals including improvements to recreational, aesthetic, ecosystem, and property values.  Aquatic Ecosystem Research employs individuals with broad skill sets and unique areas of expertise; we leverage these assets when developing lake management plans.  A specific list of holistic lake management services is provided below. 

Holistic Lake Management Services

  • Comprehensive Lake Management Planning
    • EPA 9-Key Element Watershed Studies
    • Water Quality Monitoring/Management
    • Diagnostic and Feasibility Studies
    • Grant Writing
    • Project Management
    • Data Analysis
    • Plant Surveying/Management
    • Local Land Use Improvements
    • Recreational Pressures Assessment
    • Shoreline Protection

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