Larry Marsicano

Principal Limnologist

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GIS Graduate Certification: Pace University                                                                                                                                     Masters of Arts: Connecticut College                                                                                                                                             Bachelors of Arts: Connecticut College

Society Memberships:

  • Connecticut Federation of Lakes
  • North American Lake Management Society
  • Aquatic Plant Management Society


NALMS Certified Lake Manager

Limnology Publications:

  • Statistical assessment of long-term trends for management of Candlewood Lake, Connecticut, USA. 2017.  In Press - Journal of Lake and Reservoir Management
  • A laboratory examination of the effectiveness of winter seasonal drawdown to control invasive Eurasian watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum). 2014. Journal of Lake and Reservoir Management 30:381-392
  • Vegetation change in created emergent wetlands in Connecticut. 1999. Wetland Ecology and Management 7:177-191
  • Century changes in Connecticut, USA, lakes as inferred from siliceous algal remains and their relationship to land use changes. 1999. Limnology and Oceanography 44:1928-1935
  • Inferring trophic conditions using scaled chrysophytes. 1996. Beiheft zur Nova Hedwigia 114:233-246
  • Historical changes in Connecticut lakes over a 55 year period. 1996. Journal of Environmental Quality 25:334-345
  • A historical account of water quality changes in Candlewood Lake, Connecticut, over a sixty-year period using paleolimnology and ten years of water quality data. 1995. Journal of Lake and Reservoir Management 11:15-28
  • The paleolimnology of a small waterbody in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, USA: Reconstructing 19th-20th century specific conductivity trends in relation to changing land use. 1994. Journal of Paleolimnology 12:75-86
  • A paleolimnological assessment of lake acidification in five Connecticut lakes. 1993. Journal of Paleolimnology 9:202-221
  • Mallomonas connensis sp. nov., a new species of Synurophyceae from a small New England lake. 1993. Nordic Journal of Botany 13:337-342
  • Assessing acidification trends in Connecticut lakes using a paleolimnological approach. Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection Bulletin.

Policy Papers:

  • An examination of recreational pressures on Candlewood Lake, CT. 2009. Candlewood Lake Authority Report
  • Submittals of the Candlewood Lake Authority to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. 2000-2012. FERC Docket No. P2576
  • Land use, watersheds, and aquatic resources. 1997. Connecticut Woodlands 62(3):21-23
  • Preserving forests, preserving lakes. 1994. Connecticut Woodlands 59:4