Comprehensive management planning leverages a number of different types of data.  A significant data source that is often overlooked by managing entities is geospatial data.  This type of data provides lake associations, lake authorities, or other types of management entities a wealth of information including watershed landscape features, local land use types, and the locations of valuable recreational assets. Furthermore, these data can be used to assess the nutrient/sediment flows to a lake system, areas at risk for erosion, locations of significant human impact, areas of non-native species invasion, or potential sites of recreational enhancement.  Overall, these data are invaluable and can be leveraged in meaningful ways during management planning.  Aquatic Ecosystem Research's geospatial analyst has significant experience in spatial data analytics, surveying, and mapping; we offer a wide variety of geospatial services that are important to holistic lake management.  Our specific services are listed below.

Surveying and Mapping Services

  • Pre/Post Dredging Sediment Analyses
  • Watershed Analyses
  • Wetland and Upland Mapping
  • Bathymetric Mapping
  • Geospatial Data Collection and Analysis
  • Aerial Orthophotography Collection and Rectification
  • Digitization and Georeferencing of Data Sets
  • Site Planning and Environmental Impact Analyses
  • Trail Planning and Mapping
  • Native and Non-native Species Mapping

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