Water chemistry is a two-dimensional (i.e. vertical/horizontal) phenomenon in lentic systems and it provides significant insight about the health of a lake.  The important features of lake water chemistry are temperature, dissolved oxygen, phosphorus, nitrogen, and iron among other variables. Understanding the dynamics of the aforementioned variables across the vertical profile of the lake can provide significant guidance to entities managing lake systems. Aquatic Ecosystem Research works with a variety of municipal and private agencies to build databases of water quality data, which are used to model the system and guide future management projects.  Our principal limnologists have extensive experience in water quality monitoring and has numerous peer reviewed articles spot-lighting the relationships among water quality and ecosystem function.  A full list of our water quality monitoring management services is provided below.

Water Quality Management Services

  • Algae Identification/Enumeration
  • Monthly Water Quality Monitoring
  • Nutrient Source Identification (Point/Non-point)
  • Human-impact Assessments
  • Water Quality Management Planning
  • Zebra Mussel Risk Assessment
  • QAPP Development
  • One-time Water Quality Assessments
  • Aeration System Specification
  • Alum Treatment Specification

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